The appeal behind an open-plan living space is understandable: this layout is admired for its contemporary aesthetic and bright and airy qualities that remain sought-after in every type of home. However, it is not uncommon for open-plan owners to occasionally want to flirt with a more broken, zoned space – and when that time comes, it is hard to transform your home’s layout entirely.

So, rather than abandoning your open plan living room ideas for good, it is better to follow the joint advice of three top designers who agree on the same effective layout trick. Their solutions? Strategically placed area rugs.

Using area rugs to break up your open-plan space – the solution that is loved by designers

Open plan living and dining space with rugs

(Image credit: Foley&Cox / photo by Bjorn Wallander)

‘When designing with open floorplans, it’s best to break the space up with area rugs. This creates a definition for each section and gives the feeling of being in separate rooms,’ says Rozit Arditi, principal at Arditi Design (opens in new tab). And she isn’t alone in her suggestion.

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