Taking risks in decorating with bold colors and patterns can be fun since they show personality and make our homes stand out. Those strong statements communicate energy and courage and lift the mood. However, you should avoid this trend when renovating your bathroom because it can go overboard in a space that should feel calm and comfortable. According to Modo Bath, a bathroom should be uncomplicated with effortless shapes, natural light, simple décor, and neutral colors. These elements make the space feel relaxing and, sometimes, like a spa.

However, the whole space can feel overwhelming when there are extremes in colors, wallpaper patterns, or tiles. Bright, bold tiling is tricky because that is one element that is hard to modify if you change your mind or want to hop on a different trend, per Eakman Construction. Like tiles, overpowering wallpapers and paint colors can get tiring. Keeping things neutral is great for longevity and switching things up later because it’s easier to add on to what you already have.

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