The house sits over a stream.  The roof of the house is at ground level with another road that bridges the banks on either side of the stream.

When viewed from the side, the house looks like it sits over the bridge because of the concrete archway underneath it.Compass Real Estate

  • An LA apartment that sits over a bridge — or under, depending on where it’s viewed from — is for sale for $245,950.

  • The one-bedroom house, which was constructed in 1949, has been used as storage for the past 18 years.

  • Douglas Lee, the listing agent, told Insider that he’s already received offers for the rundown property.

Los Angeles: The city of dreams, where $245,950 gets you an old one-bedroom apartment that sits over a bridge. Or tucked under, depending on where you’re standing.

When viewed from the side — along the banks of the stream that run underneath it — the 462-square-foot apartment looks like it sits over a bridge, since there’s a concrete archway underneath it.

At the same time, the building has a roof terrace that’s level with a road that goes over the stream.

When you’re standing on the road, all you can see are the railings on the roof of the apartment — making it seem like the house is underneath the bridge.

The house is located underneath the street.  Only the railings on the roof, circled in red, can be seen from street level.

The house is located underneath the street. Only the railings on the roof, circled in red, can be seen from street level.Google Maps StreetView

While the Alhambra property, built in 1949, is in need of renovation, there has been no shortage of interested buyers showing up for the open house.

“The first weekend I did soft open houses for an hour on Saturday and Sunday each, we got 40 to 50 groups,” listing agent Douglas Lee from Compass told Insider. “This past weekend we probably had the same, if not more viewers.”

Although the house has only been on the market for 13 days, Lee says that he’s already received offers for the property.

“We’ve got over 10 offers — we’re way above the list price. There are a lot of cash offers on the table,” Lee added. “And we still have continuous calls from buyers and agents.”

The entryway to the home.  The house overlooks a stream and is located under a bridge.

The entryway to the home.Compass Real Estate

There’s only one way to enter the one-bedroom, one-bathroom property, and that’s via a staircase from the street.

“So if you’re on the street, on the sidewalk on the bridge, you’ll see the rooftop terrace on your left. You take the stairs down on the right and then you’ll access the unit,” Lee said.

A staircase leading down to the apartment from the street.

A staircase leading down to the apartment from the street.Compass Real Estate

This is the first time in 18 years that the house is on the market, per listing history.

“My client bought it in 2005 for $72,000. They initially wanted to turn it into a man cave, but that didn’t work out so they ended up just using it as storage,” Lee said.

An empty, rundown room.  Paint is peeling off the walls and the floor is dirty.

One of the rooms in the house.Compass Real Estate

Lee added that the owners are choosing to sell the property now “for personal reasons.”

The house hasn’t been in use for a long time, and the next owner will have to renovate it.

“It’s mostly cosmetic,” he said. “The light switches need to be fixed. There are a couple of leaks in the sinks in the kitchen and the bathrooms. There are a bunch of small punchless items that need to be addressed.”

The kitchen is sparsely furnished with old appliances.

The kitchen.Compass Real Estate

That said, whoever buys the house can also swap the railings for a higher fence in case of privacy concerns — as long as they have approval from the city, Lee added.

Houses in the Alhambra, California, area have a median listing home price of $849,500, per data from the real estate platform

There are currently 34 single-family homes for sale in the neighborhood, and the bridge house is the cheapest listing in the area.

The bathroom comes with a standing shower.

The bathroom.Compass Real Estate

While there’s no dedicated parking spot, the house is located near downtown LA and that’s a huge advantage, Lee said: “You’re close to everything and you’re surrounded by good Asian food. It’s a very safe community.”

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