November is for being grateful and celebrating the uniquely American holiday, Thanksgiving!

A bunch of fun ‘did you know?’ and Thanksgiving Fun Facts. Have your A-HA moment and then pass it on. (The more you know…)

Because, sharing is caring… Sharable quotes from the woman who was the first lady editor in America and the driving force behind making Thanksgiving a National Holiday.

Sarah Josepha Hale was sassy and tenacious and she changed the world. She wrote Mary Had a Little Lamb, brought you the ‘white wedding dress’, and campaigned to make Thanksgiving a National Holiday.

Sage and Folly Historical Apothecary

You can’t talk Thanksgiving without mentioning the Mayflower. Five million people are descended from Mayflower passengers. Are you one of them? Here are resources to help you in your genealogy search.

What is Native American Heritage month and how are you supposed to honor it? Is Native American Heritage Month because we only think of American Indians around Thanksgiving?

More than just Thanksgiving decorations. There are over 500 Native American tribes throughout America and these are some places to visit and experience them.

Wow and amaze your friends and family with your Thanksgiving knowledge and conversational skills. Keep mouths that aren’t eating busy with fantastic Thanksgiving conversation instead of awkward political conversation.

Recognized and registered on the Daughters of the American Revolution State Speaker’s Bureau, Jen has a fun and lively presentation about Thanksgiving, Sarah Josepha Hale, and the surprising and beautiful patriotic story behind it.

Josh has given presentations to youth and adults on various aspects of Woodland cultures, pow wow regalia, and pow wow etiquette.

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