Does I Need Gutters on My House?

Gutter installation is often questioned by first-time homeowners and those who are new to home maintenance. We recommend that every house has gutters. If they don’t have them, you should get them installed immediately.

What Do Gutters Really Do?

The gutters control the rainwater from your roof and direct it into one flow that drains away water from your foundation. Gutters cannot effectively move water away if they aren’t regularly cleaned and maintained. Even more, damaged gutters can lead to greater problems than having no gutters at all. They can also cause water to pool on the roof, which can lead to major problems. Gutters can also prevent erosion by controlling water flow. It protects the foundation of a home as well as any grass, flowers, or other landscaping around it.

Why Should You Install Gutters?

Gutters are essential to every home as they provide protection against future roof damage or moisture problems. They can also be a source of help and protection. Florida has a lot of rainfall, so gutters are essential. Gutters do more than manage storm water away from homes. Gutter protects your foundation, your yard, and the neighborhood. If it isn’t properly installed, rain can cause damage to your yard and your neighbor’s yards. It could also create ditches and pools in low-lying areas.

Why Should I Maintain My Gutters?

If a homeowner does not clean their gutter system, they are opening themselves up to many problems. Rainwater that is trapped in a blocked gutter can’t go anywhere but over the edge, rendering the gutter system useless. Winter weather conditions can lead to leaves, twigs, and other debris accumulating in the gutters. They can freeze, which can make them unable to pull away from the house.

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