Not every town we travel to is dog friendly, let alone dog welcoming but Virginia City Nevada loves dogs and invites you to bring them when you visit. After all, dogs were around during Virginia City’s heyday. It just makes sense they are now too!

From dog friendly places to stay to dog friendly attractions, we’ve got all the info you need to plan your visit to Virginia City with your best furry friend!

Where to stay with your Dog in Virginia City

Virginia City has a couple great dog friendly choices of where to stay during your visit. This is great and makes planning easy depending on what type of accommodations you’re looking for.

The Sugarloaf

12 cozy motel rooms and a market on site! This family owned and operated establishment boasts “Come in as a stranger, leave as a friend!” and we have to say, they live this motto! We met the nicest folks there! And they all loved dogs! They made fresh coffee every morning in the market and we were greeted with smiles and good mornings like we belonged there.

In addition to standard overnight accommodations, The Sugarloaf motel offers long term stays so we met several locals that regaled us with stories and pampered Bailey with treats and even a toy.

Originally a boarding house for miners in 1878, be aware, the rooms are cozy. After all, room requirements were different back then. Pretty sure those miners were thrilled at the idea of ​​a roof and a bed. The current owners make sure that modern amenities like tv, fridge, and private bathrooms (yay progress!) are all there while maintaining the historic charm complete with at least a couple of the original iron windows!

Bonus: You can leave your car parked there and simply walk into town. Y’all this is a big deal as main street gets crowded, even in the off season! So note to self…good for parking and for pups! Across the street is open space for dog business. You can’t beat the views.. seriously, we should all be so lucky to poop with a view! Just make sure to clean up after your dog.

No one wants to step in a ‘load’ as they are viewing the Lode!

Book your stay at The Sugarloaf Motel

Virginia City RV Campground

In addition to a place to park an RV, there are cabins for rent here too. Dogs are welcome but remember ‘dog friendly’ is not the same as ‘put up with badly behaved dogs’. They need to be supervised and abide by rules and be polite. All standard policies to ensure everyone has a good visit!

Virginia City RV Park

Take your dog to Mendocino California

Where to Eat with your dog in Virginia City

As a rule, all Virginia City restaurants will allow service animals but there are several places that are dog friendly to well behaved pooches. Bear in mind, Nevada restaurants mandate dogs need to be on outdoor patios. Fear not! Plenty of places to dine during your dog friendly visit to Virginia City!!

Red Dog Salon

This is pretty dang good pizza! A local favorite and now ours too! (Seriously, we ate there twice) I don’t know what it is about pizza in mountain towns but it’s always REALLY FREAKING GOOD! We also recommend their wings and heck, just anything..this is a great family hang out. OH, and you know what goes really well with their pizza? The local cemetery gin! Very unique and robust flavor… a must try!

Virginia City Roasting House

This Family makes a point to sample local coffee wherever we visit. It’s always interesting to see what is good coffee in the towns we visit and we like to support local business. While in Virginia City, we spent every morning here at the Roasting House watching the sun come up, planning the day, and enjoying good coffee and comraderie (because again, the locals are so awesome). It’s big and spacious and very comfortable. The back patio (which is dog friendly) is perfect to welcome the day and the caffeine.

Firehouse Saloon & Grill

We didn’t get to try this one which is a bummer because we LOVE BBQ and this place is the go to for all things BBQ! Nonetheless, it is indoor/outdoor and the patio is dog friendly. Next visit!

Virginia City Jerky Co.

Also known for BBQ and smells AMAZING! Outdoor seating makes it easy to bring your dog to this friendly eatery. Also, there is a historic placard on site so you can get smart while waiting for food. And jerky…mmmm jerky… I need to say more…

Canvas Cafe

I’m sad this wan’t open when we were there because the breakfasts look to die for. Another great spot to visit with outdoor seating to accommodate your dog friendly visit to Virginia City.

With so many dog ​​friendly places to eat in Virginia City, it’s easy to see why this is an ideal town to visit and not have to leave your furry friend at home.

What to do with your dog in Virginia City

There are dog friendly things to do and things to do that you can bring your dog along. Know before you go so it’s a good visit for everyone…you, your dog, and other visitors.

Walk the historic board walks

How cool is it to walk raised wooden sidewalks of yesteryear?? The answer is it’s very cool. Even cooler if you wear 1800’s gear and the coolest if your dog with with you. We tried so hard to get Bailey to wear his cowboy hat but he wasn’t having any part of it. He did like his bandana though. BYO Poop bags but know there are trash barrels all along the boardwalk so easy to dispose of any accidents along the way.

Hike and enjoy the views

Lots and lots of places to walk and hike. The only thing is note, Virginia City is not Disneyland. Although it looks a lot like Frontier town and IS super friendly, it is legit a mining town and that means there are open mines throughout the area. Hike and enjoy the dog friendly trails but keep your dog on a leash so he doesn’t accidentally fall down a forgotten mine. That would be terrible. Seriously. Oh and bring water. Always bring water…for you and your dog.

Tour of the town

Here we have options! The trolley (which we highly recommend) does allow small dogs and service animals. The other option is to take a walking tour which, of course is super dog friendly. We recommend you stop in the Visitor’s Center to learn what the best option for you might be and to pick up a map.

Bonus: Here you can get your first taste of Cemetery Gin. Sorry doggo, this is human only treat!

Audio Tour Info and Trolley Tour Info

Pay respects at the Dog Cemetery

At the famous Cemetery (which is SO worth going to visit) there is a section for beloved dogs and their stories. It’s only right that as you visit and learn the stories of the people who built, lived, and died in Virginia City, so too should your dog friendly visit include the stories of the loyal four legged companions.

The cemetery itself is by nature a dog friendly destination but it is a graveyard so please bring poop bags and water and keep your dog on a leash. Also, for SURE listen to the audio tour on your phone. It really brings things to life… pun 100% intended.

Comstock Gold Mill

The owner even has fresh water available for the pups! Super dog friendly!! Learn more here

Visit Historic Nevada

Dogs and Virginia City Businesses

As a rule, most businesses are ok with well behaved dogs entering the premises but as a matter of respect it’s always good to ask before assuming.

That said, here are some more dog friendly attractions and tours to help you in your planning.

Virginia & Truckee Railroad allows small dogs

Virginia City Outlaws Comedy Show: These guys love dogs so much they will fire a courtesy round before the show just to make sure dogs in attendance will be ok with the noise. Awwwwww….Outlaws with heart! Does life get better than that?

Washoe Club Tour, The Chollar Mine and The Way It Was Museum…all dog friendly but they kindly ask for short leases and best behavior. Seems fair.

The Must Do’s of Virginia City

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When you are ready to plan your visit to historic Virginia City with your dog, we will be here to remind you of all the cool things you can see and do!

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