Bubble braids are so popular with the kids, but they can be a fun style for just about anyone to wear! I have seen them everywhere the last few years, and one of those places is the local Reinassance Fair. Something about these just screams festival, and since they are so easy to do, anyone can whip them up in minutes to tame their hair before going out for the day.

back of bubble braids on woman with brown hair in white shirt

Easy Festival Hairstyle

Why should you worry about your hair at a festival? If you are like me, then they are usually in the summer months and long hair can just get so hot. Plus, long hair tends to catch on stuff easily, and the combination of hot weather, sweat, and long hair can end up in an ugly tangles mess. The solution? A cute bubble braids look that takes your boring ponytail and turns it into a fun accessory to your outfit.

This style is popular with all ages and for good reason. It is fun and adorable! Whether you leave the braids plain like I did, or you add a little something extra at the bottom with bows or ribbons, this look is sure to fast become a favorite on your list of easy hairstyles for long hair.

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Want something a bit more elegant? Then you’ll love these waterfall braid tutorials. So many gorgeous ideas on the list that can turn boring hair into a work of art.

side view of bubble braids on brunette in white shirt

What Do I Need to Create Bubble Braids?

The best part of this style is that you really only need the hair ties and a comb. I like using the small rubber band-style hair ties for this since they are so small and don’t take away from the bubble look of the braid.

Before you begin this style, I definitely recommend combing it out, and as a bonus, it’s a good idea to use a bit of mousse or argan oil to smooth the hair before you put it up. This will keep those pesky flyaways and baby hairs from poking out around the braids as badly.

Below are a few more tools that I recommend having on hand for this style and others. They are perfect for making sure your style comes out the way you want it to. Plus, these hair care items help to keep your hair healthy for future styles.

Other Items I Love:

woman in white shirt with bubble braids on sides

How to Create Bubble Braids

As always, you should begin by combing out any tangles in your hair and making sure it is ready to braid or put up. While this is easy to do with both clean and dirty hair, I like to do this when my hair is a few days after washing so the bubbles stay up better.

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Freshly cleaned hair tends to be too soft and doesn’t keep the bubbled look as nicely. If desired, a bit of dry shampoo can tame anything that is needed before you start working on your bubble braids.

Step 1

Start by combing out your hair, then parting it down the middle and all the way down to the base of your neck. Then, on the first side, begin by tying off the front section at the temple with a hair tie.

hand tying hair with rubber band hair tie at temple

Step 2

Then, move down and gather the next section of hair and tie it about 1″ away from the first, but including the end of the first within it.

hand holding side of bubble braid against head

Step 3

Continue this creating a third section, but when it is tied off, now go back to the first two bubbles and pull the hair up into the bubbled look, just a slight difference from laying against the head.

hand pulling hair into bubble on top of braid

Repeat this process all the way down, gathering the remaining hair from that side of the head, until you have the entire length of hair in a bubble braid.

hand holding hair behind nape of neck on brunette

Step 4

Repeat the same process on the other side, trying to keep the bubbles about evenly spaces to match the first side if possible. It doesn’t have to be exact, but close will look best.

hands fluffing braid on side of brunettes head

Step 5

Once you have completed both sides of the braid, you can tie off the ends with a single hair tie, or add a bow or ribbon decoration if desired.

hand tying off end of bubble braid with hair band

Go back over each section and make sure the spaces between the ties are pulled out into the classic bubble look. Add a bit of hairspray along the style to keep the flyways in place and the style pulled together.

woman with brown hair in white sweater with bubble braids

How Can I Customize This Bubble Braids Hairstyle?

One of the things about these braids is that they are meant to be simple and let the braid speak for itself. That said, we often like to make a look a bit more unique and our own. In this case, a few ideas can really elevate your bubble braids a bit to make an even more beautiful long hairstyle. Below are some ideas I like that would look great with this.

  • Use different colors of hair bands between each braid to create a rainbow look.
  • Wrap the individual hair ties in a small ribbon for extra color.
  • Do multiple braids on each side rather than just one per side for a bit more extravagant look.
  • Weave ribbons through and over the top of the bubbles on each braid.
  • Add a bow or ribbon to the end of each braid.
  • Stop the braids at the base of your neck and then curl the remaining ends of hair with a curling wand for a simple look.
  • Do bubble braids on both sides, but then bring them together in the middle at the base of your neck and make one single bubble braid the rest of the way down your hair.
close up image of bubble braids on brunette

More Easy Braided Hairstyles

Braids are a perfect way to get your hair up and out of the way but still look polished. If you want more ideas for adding braids to your routine, then check out some more of my favorites below. Create these in your own hair any day of the week and update them to make them a bit more casual or fancy as needed. Make sure that you bookmark the ideas you like or pin them to Pinterest to use soon!

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Yield: 1

two bubble braids on back of brunettes in white shirts head

Make bubble braids in minutes! This fun idea is perfect for a festival but is also a huge hit with the kids. Ideal for any hair length!

Active Time
30 minutes

Total Time
30 minutes


Estimated Cost


  1. Start by combing out your hair, then parting it down the middle and all the way down to the base of your neck. Then, on the first side, begin by tying off the front section at the temple with a hair tie.
  2. Move down and gather another section of hair, about 1″ away from the first. Tie it while including the ends of the first.
  3. Continue making another section the same by pulling the first strands through along with additional hair. Do this and then pull gently on the hair between each tie to create the bubble look.
  4. Continue this process all the way down to the end of the hair. Then, repeat on the other side.


Add ribbons or different colored bands to each section for a fun look.

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