298 W. Key Palm Road in Boca Raton sold for $22.6 million in June 2023.

Welcome to The Dirt! I’m real estate reporter Kimberly Miller with the latest developments in the sizzling market.

First of all, there’s some traffic news because a billionaire in Palm Beach decided they didn’t want to get their Ferragamos/Jimmy Choos scuffed crossing the street to the beach so they are building a tunnel under the road and people are in a frickin’ tizzy about it.

Seriously, this is why I love Palm Beach County. A tunnel? It’s like 40 feet people!

Yeah, yeah, I know there are other tunnels and this tunnel is actually part of a spec house. So, really, we can only speculate that some future Ferragamo-wearing friend will be enjoying the leisurely walk under the road, although from what I’ve seen, not many of the folks on Billionaire’s Row are avid beach-goers. Just an observation from an avid beach-goer.

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