How to Hang String Lights on a Covered Patio Without Nails

You might be curious about string lighting for a newly installed patio cover. You want to create a comfortable outdoor space that is easy to light up at night. We recommend lighting your patio cover with lights. We’ll first share some safety tips for outdoor string lights. Next, we’ll discuss some nail-less options that you might consider. Let’s not go on any more, let us get you educated about patio lights!

How to Hang String Lights on Your Patio Cover Without Nails

String lights can be hung on patio covers without nails using outdoor Command hooks or zip ties. You can punch holes in your aluminum patio cover, but it is possible to avoid any damage without using anu nails.

Awning Hangers

Awning hangers can be used to hang string lighting from the shade screen roller tube. Awning hooks are a good option. Although this is not the best way to hang string lights, it could be a good alternative.

Zip Ties

Zip ties that are outdoor-rated can be used for string lighting on patio covers. Nylon cable ties in black are made from UV-stabilized Nylon 6-6 material. They can withstand temperatures up to 185°F. You can determine the string light’s weight and make an informed purchase based on its 18lb-250 lb breaking strength.

Outdoor Command Hooks

Outdoor Command hooks are able to hang string lights, rope lights and Christmas lights without using screws or nails. These hooks can withstand water and winter conditions. For maximum stick, make sure you follow the instructions.

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