The Nova Scotia Association of Realtors (NSAR) is aiming to increase transparency in the real estate market by sharing the sold prices of listings on This new feature provides consumers in Nova Scotia with information regarding the most recent sale prices.

NSAR announced the implementation of this feature through social media posts, accompanied by examples showing the changes on the consumer-facing website.

Patrick Pichette, the vice president of, commended NSAR’s leadership and members for their proactive efforts in pushing forward this enhancement, expressing his congratulations on LinkedIn.

An example of what consumers in Nova Scotia will now see on

In 2019, NSAR became the first board or association to offer the option of showing historical sold data on listings.

At the time, CREA shared the news, adding, “Consumers, boards and members have been asking to see historical sold data on for some time now. Having sold data helps CREA ensure we continue to offer leading-edge services on, especially with foreign competitors attempting to saturate the market. It’s important to note that only previously sold prices will be posted and not pending sold prices.”

More to come.

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