Real Estate DeFi DPA Token (DPAT) Opens African Land and Property Markets to Retail Capital

Besides being a reliable store of value and easy-to-use cross-border money transfer instrument, cryptocurrencies have established themselves as new-gen investing instruments. They allow retail users with no previous experience to get exposure to attractive investing vehicles that had only been available to high-profile VCs and reputable angel investors.

Also, cryptocurrencies allow early-stage products to raise funds in a seamless, decentralized and inclusive manner. As such, DPA Token (DPAT), a project designed to allow retail investors to support real estate ventures in Africa, unlocks unmatched opportunities for both developers and crypto holders.

Bringing Web3 investments to real estate in Africa: What is DPA Token (DPAT)?

Launched in 2022 by a heavy-hitting team of blockchain enthusiasts, the Direct Property Africa (DPA) project addresses investing in upcoming real estate projects on the African continent. Its core native cryptocurrency, DPA Token (DPAT), underpins its tokenomic design and serves as an investment opportunity for supporters.

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The project promotes itself as a pioneering Web3-native real estate investment and trading platform. Direct Property Africa (DPA) has a number of killing features in terms of transparency and inclusivity: each investment object will be mirrored by a fractionalized non-fungible token (NFT) on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Therefore, all digital assets in its ecosystem will be backed by real-world investment objects in Africa.

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As per the project’s team, this sophisticated yet newbie-friendly investment vehicle addresses major sustainability and progress challenges in Africa:

As a consequence of increasing urbanisation, rapid population growth and greater engagement with the global economy, there are both pressures on and opportunities for rapid infrastructure expansion across many African cities.

The project has already partnered with major regional developers to tokenize their projects, ie, land plots and buildings in Accra, Lagos, Cairo, Cape Town, Kigali, Nairobi and Addis Ababa. As such, community members of Direct Property Africa (DPA) will be exposed to premium investing opportunities in various regions of Africa. The key figureheads of the project have already scored an array of partnerships with prime developers all over Africa to highlight their commitment to secure and protected investments. Once the project is chosen, Web3 instruments like non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies come into play.

Introducing DPA Token (DPAT), a multi-function yield-generating token

Selected development projects are immediately equipped with their digital copies. Every object is split into multiple parts: every part is minted on Ethereum (ETH) blockchain as a non-fungible token. Then, the new NFT is fractionalized, ie, divided into multiple parts one more time.

Community enthusiasts can purchase these NFTs directly from their cryptocurrency wallets.

DPA Tokens, or DPAT, is a backbone element of the project’s tokenonomic design. The token is minted on Ethereum (ETH) blockchain as an ERC-20 asset. The total supply of DPAT is capped at 1 billion tokens. Out of this amount, 350,000,000 DPAT are allocated for the presale campaign that starts on Monday, Dec. 19, 2022. Meanwhile, users are already able to join the presale campaign through a purpose-made landing page on the DPA Token (DPAT) website.


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DPA Token (DPAT) transactions will be eligible for a 6% sales tax that includes marketing fees (2%), transfers to the liquidity pool (2%), transactions to the treasury rewards (1%) and periodic token burn events (1 %). In the presale, purchased tokens will be immediately transferred to the user’s account. As the presale comes to an end, the tokens will be airdropped over 10 weeks, with 10% airdropped per week.

To prevent the token’s supply from being whale-dominated, the team decided to announce a maximum investment limit of $500,000; there is no minimum investment threshold so far. All participants in the presale will have exclusive access to four real estate projects of the first batch, as well as some other benefits and rewards and exclusive early bird bonuses.

NFT marketplace, DEX, mobile apps: What’s next for DPA Token (DPAT)?

Right now, the project is undergoing an audit of its smart contracts architecture and KYC procedure from SOLIDProof; the results will soon be announced to the community. Then, in a few steps, the project will migrate to fully decentralized governance to employ the “crowd wisdom” of its tokenholders and founders.

The project is backed by seasoned blockchain entrepreneurs: its CEO, COO, marketing lead and lead developer have solid expertise in business development, blockchain engineering and promotion.

In the next phase of its roadmap (Stage Two), the project team is going to grow its technical and advisory team, release its own NFT marketplace and introduce a novel rewards program for all tokenholders. Also, a new wave of commercial, investing and development partnerships will be scored.

Stage Three of the DPA Token (DPAT) roadmap includes the launch of DPAT cryptocurrency on Uniswap (UNI), a top exchange (DEX) on Ethereum (ETH) that supports major ERC-20 tokens, including Ethereum (ETH) itself. The project is also going to introduce its cross-chain bridge to major EVM-compatible blockchains and strengthen its presence in new African cities.

Stage Four of the roadmap will be focused on the launch of mobile applications for iOS- and Android-based devices. Also, the representation of the project will go live in the metaverse to increase its visibility among Web3 enthusiasts and NFT commissioners.

The last stage of the roadmap so far includes the listing of DPAT token on major centralized exchanges, activation of “swarm” decentralized on-chain governance module, expansion to new territories outside the African continent and estate agent accreditation programs for real estate professionals.

To sum up, DPA Token (DPAT) addresses the ambitious goal of introducing new investing opportunities to a wide audience across the globe. It might also contribute to the broader progress of the African continent.

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