RentSpree Offers Insight on How Real Estate Agents Can Capitalize on the Growing Rental Market

The Rental Management Software Company Highlights the Unique Opportunity that Rentals Provide in a Challenging Housing Market

LOS ANGELES, dec. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — RentSpree, the industry’s premier end-to-end rental management software provider, is dedicated to changing the mindset around the profitability of rental properties. A 2022 RentSpree + RealTrends Rental Power Rankings the study made it clear that many agents do not view rentals as worthy of their time and resources. Approximately 50% of the surveyed agents claimed that the commission was “too low” for the time and effort required to lease a rental property, and 43% of surveyed agents claimed that a lack of knowledge of the rental market kept them from working in that spaces. In short, many real estate agents see working with rentals as a poor return on investment (ROI).

RentSpree challenges that perception and highlights how rentals can increase agent profitability year-round, especially in an economic downturn. With new insights into the misconceptions of the rental industry, here are some tips on how agents can stay ahead of the economic forecast:

  • Leverage the Right Resources: With the right tools and industry knowledge, real estate agents can increase their cash flow by assisting tenants and working with landlords and property management companies. Depending on their goals, agents can work with buyers and sellers while the market is hot, and renters during a slower part of the year, highlighting how beneficial the malleability of rentals can be.
  • Consider Current Business Expansion: Many agents forget or don’t realize that their current business structure might already be set up to work with rental properties. If an agent already works with real estate investors to buy and sell property, they could also offer their services to fill the property with a tenant when it is move-in ready. This can be an excellent option for adding income to your business by establishing yourself as the go-to agent for buying, selling, and renting out properties in the area. As agents, time and resources are invaluable, regardless of the economic situation.
  • Tap Into the Value of PropTech: Agents can lean into property technology (PropTech) tools to simplify working with rentals. PropTech gives power back to agents to work in the field rather than handle time-consuming paperwork on a transaction’s front or back end. The right solutions also enable real estate agents to:
    • Set up a listing cart to show properties to tenants through the MLS and lets them quickly help renters fill out online applications
    • Facilitate payment of the tenant screening fee
    • Pass on the paperwork to the landlord as soon as it’s completed
    • Allow the tenants to be notified of a landlord’s decision within 24 to 48 hours of applying (cutting two to five days out of the typical manual application cycle)
    • Boost agents’ hourly earnings and return on investment exponentially.

With a fresh perspective on the fluid real estate market heading into 2023, and nearly 50 million rental properties across the United States according to numbers from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and the US Census Bureau, there has never been a better time for agents to consider working with rentals.

To learn more about RentSpree’s research, please check out our white paper The Untapped Money Potential of the Rental Market. For more information on RentSpree, visit

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