A clogged sewer can cause serious problems and pose a problem for homeowners. A sewer line obstruction can cause serious health problems. Knowing what to look out for and calling Clog Kings Plumbing immediately can help you save your time and money.

What is the Main Sewer Drain?

Each home has one main sewer drain, which connects it to the city’s sewer system. The main drain measures approximately 3-4″ in diameter, and connects to all plumbing fixtures in your home.

Your main sewer drain is the most critical part of your plumbing system. If it becomes clogged, it should be treated as an emergency. Because sewage can back up into your house if your main drain is blocked.

Three Signs to Look Out For in a Sewer Line Blocked

Homeowners need to be aware of many symptoms that could indicate a blocked sewer line. These are the three most obvious signs you should call a plumber right away.

1. Water can flow from a fixture even though it has not been turned on.

For example, if you flush a toilet, water will come out of a nearby bathtub or shower. The blockage is blocking your fixture’s ability to flush down the normal route. This causes the water or waste to be redirected down another pipe and towards an adjacent plumbing element within your home.

If this happens, it is likely that you have a severe clog. You should contact Clog Kings Plumbing immediately.

2. Multiple fixtures in your house are blocked.

This is the first sign that there has been a sewer line clog. This is typically the first thing that happens to your plumbing system. Any fixture connected to your main sewer line could be affected.

It is a good idea for you to inspect your toilets if you find a problem in one of your plumbing components. Next, check the rest of your plumbing. It is time to call a professional if multiple fixtures become clogged.

3. You hear unusual sounds from your plumbing during use.

Are you noticing unusual sounds or behavior coming from your plumbing components? The most likely place to notice unusual sounds or behaviors is your toilets, since they are the closest to your main sewer line. This could indicate that your toilet isn’t flushing correctly or making noises when you turn on the nearby sink, which could be a sign of something not working properly.

You may also notice that your shower or tub is clogging up with water. This is an indication that your main line is blocked. If you see any sewage or wastewater flowing into your home, it is an indication that you need to contact our team.

We can help with any main sewer line emergency.

It is essential to call professionals that are licensed and experienced in emergency plumbing services when you have a blocked main sewer line. For situations like this, you need to act quickly. Call Clog Kings Plumbing.

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