Wine Storage Tips I Wish I’d Known Sooner

An effective wine storage unit will prevent your wine from losing quality or the flavour and aroma from being altered. Furthermore, many wine storage cabinet UK sellers provide quality storage spaces for your wine. Wine enthusiasts commonly buy wine fridges to store their wine separately from their food items which could alter the flavours of the wine. In addition, it’s important to store your wine correctly. It’s not all about the cooler.

Best wine coolers

There is a wide variety of wine coolers, and they all have different uses. For example, a thermoelectric wine cooler is ideal if you’re looking for a storage unit with minimal noise and only need to store approximately 12 bottles. Furthermore, a compressor wine cooler is the best storage unit for large amounts of wine; however, it is noisy. In addition, a compressor wine cooler will maintain a constant internal temperature regardless of the room’s temperature changes. Therefore, a compressor wine cooler is perfect if you live in an area with drastic temperature changes. Moreover, dual-zone wine coolers are available if you need to store your various wines at different temperatures. For example, one compartment will be the ideal temperature for the wine you plan on serving, and the other will be the best temperature for wines that will be stored long-term. In addition, different wines will require different temperatures; for example, red wine should be stored at 12℃ and white wine at 9℃.

The correct way to store wine

Every wine has a specific temperature at which it should be stored; therefore, it is important to research the ideal temperature for the types of wine you have. Furthermore, store your wine horizontally to keep the cork moist. This placement will prevent the cork from crumbling when the bottle is opened. Moreover, light and vibrations can affect the quality of your wine. Sunlight and vibrations from the refrigerator or other household machinery can alter the flavours and aromas of your wine. Therefore, store your wine in a dark and still environment. All the tips listed above will ensure that the best quality of your wine is maintained and improve your wine experience.

How to store an open wine bottle

An open bottle of wine must be resealed; otherwise, the wine will spoil and taste like vinegar from mixing with the oxygen in the environment. Moreover, any bacteria lingering in the air can ruin the open bottle of wine. If you still have the cork, wrap it in wax paper or plastic wrap and reseal the bottle. Unfortunately, an unwrapped cork can crumble and drop into the wine bottle. Furthermore, a wine vacuum pump is a handy item that will maintain the quality of an open wine bottle. The wine vacuum pump will create an airtight seal and prevent the wine from spoiling. A resealed bottle of wine can be stored for up to 7 days, depending on the type of wine.

Final Notes

The proper storage method will keep your wine at its best quality. Furthermore, it isn’t just about the wine coolers; the temperature and position in which the wine is stored also play a role. So remember to store your favourite wines like many wine enthusiasts wish they had known sooner.

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