surveys sites that pay instantly

Do you need to earn cash fast? If so, this article detailing the best survey sites that pay instantly is for you.

Thanks to the internet, it’s possible to make money online in various different ways.

A few ideas include selling digital planners on Etsy, or you could even use the best apps for gig work to get paid for completing simple tasks.

But today, we’re going to detail all the survey sites that pay cash fast, so you can top up your earnings and enjoy extra money when you need it.

This means you won’t have to wait months to get paid for your efforts.

The survey companies I’m going to list payout directly after you’ve filled out a survey or at least within a few hours.

Here we go, let’s get started.


Overview of the Survey Sites That Pay Instantly

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Opinion Inn
  3. Branded Surveys
  4. Survey Junkie
  5. Inbox Dollars
  6. MyPoints
  7. Life Points
  8. Pinecone Research
  9. Prize Rebel
  10. Ipsos i-Say
  11. InstaGC
  12. CashKarma
  13. Harris Poll Online
  14. Respondent
  15. ySense
  16. QMee
  17. Grindabuck
  18. Toluna
  19. SurveySavvy
  20. 1Q
  21. Darwins Data
  22. Lootup
  23. AttaPoll
  24. YouGov
  25. Valued Opinions



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The Best Survey Sites That Pay Instantly

If you’re looking for an easy way to make money from home in your spare time, completing surveys is one way to do it.

Some surveys pay well, while others won’t pay that much. But, all are legit survey companies that’ll pay you out quickly.

If you enjoy giving your opinion, here are the survey companies to join:


1. Swagbucks

survey sites that pay instantly

Swagbucks is a leading rewards platform that pays you to shop online, complete surveys, search the web, play video games and more.

After each task, you get paid in points that can be redeemed for gift cards from retailers such as Amazon and Walmart, or you can choose to receive PayPal cash.

Surveys pay between $0.40 and $2 and you can cash out when you hit the $3 marker, so this should be easy after a couple of surveys.

It’s one of the best passive income apps to earn money easily and according to their website they’ve paid members over $536,451,827.

You can sign up easily in a few seconds and get a nice $10 bonus immediately.

Get your free $10 Swagbucks bonus now.


2. Opinion Inn

survey sites that pay instantly

Opinion Inn will pay you money to complete surveys and it’s easy to sign up and complete your profile quickly.

The more information you give on registration, the better surveys that’ll be matched to you, based on your likes and interests.

Once accepted, you’ll be sent email invitations asking for your opinion on different products and services.

Opinion Inn offers a high incentive model, paying from $0.50 and up to $100 per completed survey.

You even get the chance to win $500 extra in a monthly lucky draw if you complete five surveys or more in a month.

Join Opinion Inn today and get a free $10 sign-up bonus.


3. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is a leading research platform where you can earn cash online by completing surveys.

Upon sign up, you have to answer a few questions about yourself so you can be matched to the right surveys.

Each completed survey gets you points, which can be redeemed for gift cards or PayPal cash.

You get 100 free points just for signing up and you can cash out when you hit 5000 points ($5), which should be easy to make in a day.


4. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is another one of the best survey sites that pay instantly.

This platform wants you to share your opinion to help brands provide better products and services.

Payment for each task completed is in virtual points that can be redeemed for PayPal cash or e-gift cards.

Surveys pay on average between $1 – $3 and you need to reach $5 to cash out, which should be possible pretty quickly.


5. Inbox Pounds

survey sites that pay instantly

Inbox Pounds (the sister company of Inbox Dollars) will pay you for taking surveys, watching videos and searching the web.

This means you can mix up the paid-to tasks you complete which keeps it interesting.

Payment is made in Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash and you receive a 1-pound bonus upon sign up.


6. MyPoints

MyPoints is another top survey site that’ll pay you out quickly.

You can also get paid for a range of different tasks, such as:

  • Playing games
  • Shopping online
  • Reading emails
  • Completing daily challenges

Payment is made in gift cards, PayPal cash and travel miles and you can cash out with 700 points ($5).

You can join now for free and receive a $5 welcome bonus.


7. Life Points

Life Points is a leading UK survey site that offers rewards and free gift cards for your opinion.

You can download their app from the App Store or Google Play and answer surveys on the go or via the website.

Payment is made in virtual points that can be redeemed for gift cards and PayPal cash or you can ‘pay it forward’ to a charity.

The majority of surveys only take a few minutes to complete and pay between $0.60 and $1.

You can cash out when you hit $5 and payment may take a few days to process.


8. Pinecone Research

survey sites that pay instantly

Anyone can get paid to test and review products and services with Pinecone Research.

Companies want your opinion so they can improve what they offer and make more money.

The benefits of signing up to Pinecone Research include:

  • Earn points by completing surveys
  • Redeem points for PayPal cash and Visa gift cards
  • Learn about new products before they get to market
  • Enjoy influencing what products hit the stores

Most surveys pay $3 and can be completed in under 15 minutes and you can cash this amount out instantly.


9. Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel is a survey rewards site that has been around since 2007 and it has over 13 million members.

To get started, just sign up for free, complete surveys or easy offers for points and then you can redeem those points for PayPal cash or 100s of different gift cards.

Surveys only take a few minutes to complete and pay between $0.50 and $1 and you can cash out when you hit $5, which shouldn’t take long.


10. Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos i-Say is a rewards community that pays people to share their opinion about products, adverts, TV shows and even the latest news stories.

This market research company was founded in 1975 and is now active in more than 50 countries.

Reward payments are paid in PayPal cash, sweepstakes, gift cards, charitable donations and to buy merchandise.

You need to make 500 points ($5) before you can cash out for gift cards or $15 for PayPal cash.


11. InstaGC

survey sites that pay instantly

If you’re still looking for survey sites that pay instantly, InstaGC is well worth taking a look at.

This company will pay you points for simple tasks, such as:

  • Completing surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Shopping online
  • Searching the web

The main payment is instant gift cards, but you can also opt for eCheck, PayPal cash, bank deposit or cryptocurrency.

Surveys pay on average $0.50 – $1 and you can cash out once you have 100 points ($1).


12. CashKarma

CashKarma is a survey app where you can earn rewards for filling out surveys, completing offers, referring your friends and completing location activities.

Surveys pay on average $0.50 and they even pay you a small amount when you don’t qualify for a survey.

Payment is made in PayPal cash or gift cards that can be downloaded instantly and used on your device.


13. Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll is a global research marketing company owned by Nielson Media Research.

They pay people to complete surveys that last between 5 and 25 minutes and pay per survey is on average $0.50 – $2.

Pay is in points that can be converted to gift card cash when you hit $10.


14. Respondent


Respondent is a research participant recruitment platform that needs verified business professionals for surveys, user interviews and focus groups.

To qualify as a respondent, you must work in or have in experience in niche industries, such as:

  • Marketing
  • Executives
  • Business owner
  • Sales and support
  • Software Developer
  • Software user

To get started, create a profile, verify your skills and apply to projects by answering online screening questions.

Pay is high, at around $100 – $750 per hour and is paid out instantly after each study.


15. ySense

ySense is another top rewards site that’ll pay you fast for completing surveys, trying new products, signing up for websites, downloading apps, watching videos and more.

You can even get paid for sharing ySense with friends and earn 30% of what each referral makes through the platform.

You can choose to receive payment in gift cards or PayPal cash once you’ve earned at least $3.


16. QMee

QMee is another one of the best survey sites that pay instantly and you can use it from your browser or via their app on the go.

While surveys are the main way to earn, you can also make money by watching videos, shopping online and searching the web.

There is no minimum withdrawal amount and you can cash out in a variety of ways such as PayPal, Venmo and gift cards.

Sign up and fill out your profile so you can be matched with surveys that fit your demographic.


17. Grindabuck


Grindabuck is a market research platform that rewards users for completing a variety of online tasks.

Get paid for taking part in market research surveys, testing out products, watching videos, downloading apps and more.

For your first cash out, you must earn at least $10, but this amount drops to $5 for the second and just $1 for the following payouts.

You can exchange your virtual Grindabucks for PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, Bitcoin and more.


18. Toluna

Toluna is a social voting platform that pays people for their opinion on a variety of different subjects.

It currently has over 21 million influencers in over 50 countries and 28 languages.

Toluna pays virtual points to those who complete surveys and give their opinion on products and services.

You can also earn by playing games and by participating in the Toluna community.

After sign up, you’ll receive a free bonus of 500 points. Next, you’ll have to earn at least 30,000 points ($10) to cash out.

It’s possible to redeem your points for cash, gift cards or Bitcoin.


19. SurveySavvy

SurveySavvy is another one of the best survey sites that pay instantly.

You can use it via your browser or by downloading their app and creating a profile so you can be matched with relevant surveys.

A few ways to earn with SurveySavvy include:

  • Surveys
  • Surfing the web
  • Referring friends

Once you’ve accumulated at least $1, you can request payment and a check will be sent to you right away.


20. 1Q

1Q rewards app

1Q is a mobile research company that gets customer feedback for a variety of brands so they can improve what they offer.

All you need to do is download their app and you’ll receive marketing and research questions directly to your phone.

Every question you answer gets paid immediately to your PayPal account and pays around $0.25.

Plus, you can earn $0.25 for every referral you make. Choose to receive cash or you can ‘pay it forward’ to a charity of your choice.

The app is available to those living in the UK, US and Canada.


21. Darwins Data

Darwins Data is an online survey company that’ll pay you to complete surveys and give your opinion on legal disputes.

This is one of the better-paid rewards sites with each survey paying out $25 and taking around one hour to complete.

To get started, click ‘request an invite’ and fill out your information so you can be matched with the right surveys.

You’ll receive a $10 Tango gift card just for registering on the site.


22. Lootup

Lootup is one of the newer survey sites on the block that pays you instantly for completing simple tasks.

All you need to do is sign up and start earning by:

  • Sharing your opinion
  • Watching videos
  • Completing offers
  • Playing games
  • Entering giveaways

Rewards can be cashed in for PayPal cash, Visa card cash, gift cards or Bitcoin.

If you sign up and earn 10,000 points in 30 days, you get a free 5000 ($5) bonus.


23. AttaPoll


AttaPoll is a free survey app anyone can download from Google Play or the App Store.

Once the app is installed, you can get paid to take surveys when on the go, on your coffee break or whenever you have spare time.

Their minimum payment threshold is low at only $2.50 which should be easy to reach and you can opt for PayPal cash, gift cards or to donate to charity.

Earn even more by referring your friends to use the AttaPoll app.


24. YouGov

If you want another survey site that pays quickly, take a look at YouGov.

This is a global public opinion site based in the UK, that pays people for completing surveys and for sharing their browsing data.

Most YouGov surveys are short and should only take 5 -7 minutes to complete, but occasionally there’ll be longer surveys offered.

By taking surveys, you accumulate points, which can be redeemed for cash and gift cards from major brands such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target and more.


25. Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is a rewards site that’ll pay you to test products, review ads and take paid surveys.

They are a market research company that has been established since 2004 and currently has over 3 million members worldwide.

You can get started in three simple steps:

  • Register for free
  • Participate in surveys
  • Earn rewards

Every completed survey pays £6 and you can choose to redeem your earnings in vouchers and gift cards for a variety of big brands.


Surveys that Pay Cash Instantly FAQs


Are Survey Sites that Pay Instantly Worth it?

Survey sites that pay instantly are worth it, as long as you remain realistic.

You’ll not get rich by completing surveys, but if you have spare time and enjoy sharing your opinion, it’s a decent side hustle you can do from your phone.

With a little effort, you can earn $50 – $100 a month completing surveys which is a nice chunk of spare change.

If you want to make extra money online, you can:


What Survey Site Pays the Fastest?

There are many survey sites that pay fast. The best ones include:

  • Swagbucks
  • InstaGC
  • Pinecone Research


Are Survey Sites That Pay Instantly Legit?

All the survey sites that pay quickly are legit, but it always pays to do your research.

Take a look at the Trust Pilot reviews of each survey company online and be aware if any of them have more than a few bad reviews complaining about not receiving payment.

fill out surveys online


How Can I Boost My Earnings from Survey Sites?

While survey sites generally don’t pay that much, there are a few tactics you can use to increase your earnings:

  • Select surveys wisely. You have the power to accept or decline surveys. Avoid the super low-paying ones and spend your time completing the ones that pay well.
  • Use multiple survey sites. Not every survey company will send your surveys consistently. Sign up to multiple sites and apps to increase the amount of paid surveys you get sent your way.
  • Describe yourself genuinely. If you lie about your personal information to get more surveys, you may risk getting banned. Describe yourself honestly and your relationship with the survey company should last.
  • Set aside time to fill out surveys. It’s easy to sign up to survey companies and forget about it. Decide how much you want to earn each week and block out spare time in your diary to complete surveys – no excuses!
  • Create a survey email address. Survey invitations can get lost in a busy personal email inbox. To ensure you don’t miss out, create a different email address to use for your survey side hustle.


Final Thoughts on the Survey Sites That Pay Instantly

At the end of this list of survey sites that pay instantly, it’s now up to you to make the effort.

Spend some time signing up to the survey sites that take your interest and decide on how much time each day you’ll dedicate to filling out surveys.

You can easily make extra money by doing this and add your earnings to a rainy day fund.

If you want a more reliable income, why not start your own online business and learn how to start an Etsy shop with no money.



25 Survey Sites that Pay Instantly in 2023


*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

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