Do you have a small bathroom or powder room that you wish was just a little more functional? Or a little less cramped? Or maybe you need a bit more storage, so it doesn’t always feel cluttered? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you’re definitely not alone.

Small bathrooms are becoming more and more common as we fit our lives into smaller homes. Even if you have a larger home, small powder rooms can still pose a dilemma. Here are our five best design ideas to make your small bathroom feel bigger, brighter and more functional.

Lighten Up

If you want to instantly take a small space from dark and dingy to pretty and petite, add some light. While you may not be able to add a window to your powder room, you can upgrade your lighting to make it feel as though you have one.

Start small by simply Replacing your lightbulbs. For the best bathroom lighting, look for warm, white LED bulbs that are close to natural daylight. Try to avoid cool or fluorescent light in bathrooms since nobody looks their best in that harsh lighting.

If you still don’t find it bright enough, try adding an extra light source. Wall sconces provide light right where you need it and they take up very little space. Alternatively, a vanity light over the mirror will complement your overhead lighting if you don’t have available wall space.

Get Reflective

If crowding around a tiny mirror is making you cranky in the mornings, expand your view with an oversized mirror. Skip the frame altogether and opt for wall-to-wall reflection. You’ll never have to lean over the sink to peer in a minuscule mirror again. Not only will a full-wall mirror make room for more than one person to use the vanity, but it will also reflect plenty of light to brighten up your small space.

Think Outside the Box

Lack of storage is one of the most common small bathroom design woes. Especially when traditional cabinets can be bulky and take up more space than you want. To get extra storage without crowding the room, try a combination of hooks and open shelving.

Spaces that rarely get any use, such as over the toilet or behind the door, can provide valuable storage with the right accessories. Hooks are the perfect solution for bulky towels that take up a lot of room in the cupboard. And open shelving gives you all the storage of a cabinet but feels light and airy. Just make sure you mount it high enough to ensure no one bumps their head.

Find Your Niche

You may not be aware of this, but there is secret storage space hidden within your walls. In most newer homes, walls consist of drywall mounted over wood studs. These studs are usually 16-inches apart and 4-inches deep. That means you have a perfect spot to add a niche (or two!) for extra storage.

By cutting a hole in the drywall and installing shelves in between the studs, you get extra storage that takes up no space at all. These convenient little nooks can be tucked into any spot where you have a bit of open wall space. But always verify that there’s no plumbing or electrical running in the wall you choose before adding a niche.

Don’t Get Sunk by the Sink

You can’t have a washroom without a sink, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the traditional bathroom vanity. If you’re having a hard time making everything fit in your small bathroom, why not reimagine the sink?

Consider a narrow through sink to give you room to move in a small bathroom. Or, install a wall mounted vanity to open up the space and add extra storage. Not only do you get a cabinet, but you also have room for handy baskets underneath. If your vanity is the same size as your sink and you dream of having a little counter space, why not switch to a vessel sink? A vessel sink sits above the vanity and gives you both counter space and more room underneath the sink.

If you thought there was no hope for your tiny bathroom, these small bathroom design ideas might help you see things in a new light. Try them out and let us know how it goes!

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