Pets are curious by nature and are bound to be intrigued by the new sounds, smells, and people that a home renovation will introduce. Construction sites are no place for pets, though! They should be kept away from the areas not only for the safety of the pets but also for the safety of the construction team that will be in your home. With everything going on, your pets might not act like themselves, and while they are typically friendly, they might get protective or scared if they feel their home is being threatened; VCA Hospitals explains that this can lead to aggressive behaviors from growing and lunging to potentially biting.

Furthermore, construction zones can be filled with nails, holes, electrical wires, paint, drywall mud, and other toxic things your pets should not come in contact with. Keep them away and out of these spaces by keeping them in different rooms or using gates.

No matter what, a renovation project is likely cause your pet some amount of stress. And, just like many of us, they like routine. More walks, more time spent snuggling, or new toys to keep them occupied and comfortable are sure to help. Legal Eagle Contractors adds that you may want to consider boarding them at the kennel or having them spend time at a friend’s house.

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