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The skinniest house in Boston, at 44 Hull St., is now off the market.CL Properties

  • A 10-foot-wide home in Boston that is said to have been built out of spite sold for $1.25 million.

  • According to local legend, a soldier built the home in 1862 when he returned from war to find his brother’s house took up the rest of their shared land.

  • The two-bedroom home is about 1,000 square feet and has a private garden and rooftop deck.

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A 10-foot-wide home in Boston — which a 2005 Boston Globe article called the city’s skinniest — was bought for $1.25 million. Insider previously reported that according to local legend, the house on Hull Street was built out of spite.

A wide view of the green skinny home between two red brick buildings

The skinniest home in Boston at 44 Hull St.CL Properties

Source: The Boston Globe, Zillow, Insider, NPR

According to a 2015 Boston magazine article, the North End house is said to have been built to spite a soldier’s brother, who took up the rest of the shared property with expansive housing while his sibling was at war.

A view of Boston from the rooftop on a clear day.

A view from the rooftop of the house.CL Properties

Source: Boston magazine

Legend has it that the soldier built the skinny home on the remaining property in 1862, blocking all sunlight between two sections of his brother’s massive home, according to the magazine.

The first floor of the house from the outside with a gate on the left that says

A gate to the home’s private garden.CL Properties

Despite its small size, at just over 1,000 square feet, the two-bedroom home has a full-size kitchen on the first floor, according to its Zillow listing prior to being sold in September 2021.

A narrow kitchen with wood floors, white cabinetry, and dark counter tops.

The kitchen on the home’s first floor.CL Properties

Source: Zillow

Also on the first floor, there’s a dining room, a living space, and a door to a balcony overlooking a private garden, according to the same listing.

A dining room with a table on the left and a door in the back center.

The home’s living and dining areas.CL Properties

Source: Zillow

Upstairs, the second floor includes the bathroom, laundry room, and a sitting area, the Zillow listing says.

A washer and dryer on the right and windows on the left.

The second-floor laundry room and bathroom.CL Properties

Source: Zillow

In the only bathroom in the home, a blue-tile backsplash contrasts with exposed brick.

A bathroom with small blue tiles and a window above the sink

The home’s only bathroom.CL Properties

The second-floor sitting area has a window overlooking some greenery outside.

Stairs lead to a living room with wooden floors and a TV mounted on the left side.  There's a window in the back

The home’s second-floor seating area.CL Properties

The windows in the hallway on the second floor face a brick wall of the property next door.

A narrow hallway with wood floors, a window on the left, and a descending staircase on the right

A hallway in the home.CL Properties

Past the living space, a narrow hallway leads to a staircase.

A brick wall and staircase on the left side of a room with wood floors and a window in the back

The staircase on the home’s second floor.CL Properties

On the third floor, there’s another sitting area, according to the home’s Zillow listing.

A room with exposed brick with stairs leading up to a sitting area with a window in the back

The home’s third-floor sitting area.CL Properties

Source: Zillow

The other half of the floor is used as a guest bedroom, according to the listing.

A room with exposed brick on the left and bunkbeds in the middle

The home’s guest bedroom.CL Properties

Source: Zillow

The primary suite takes up the entire fourth floor and has access to a private rooftop, according to Zillow.

A room with blue walls on the left and exposed brick on the right.  Two sets of stairs in the back left corner.

The home’s primary suite.CL Properties

Source: Zillow

In the primary bedroom, there’s shelving for clothing against exposed bricks.

A bedroom with blue walls, exposed brick on the left and two windows in the back

The home’s primary bedroom.CL Properties

Across from the bed, there’s room for a nook.

A room with exposed brick and a mirror on the left and blue walls on the other side. There's a window in the middle.

A nook in the home’s primary suite.CL Properties

The stairs in the suite lead to the rooftop deck, from which you can see a view of the city.

A view of Boston from the rooftop on a clear day.

A view of Boston from the roof.CL Properties

Back on the ground, the property has a private garden.

A courtyard outside of the house with trees and seating areas

The home’s private garden.CL Properties

There are several seating areas for entertaining outdoors.

A courtyard outside of the house with trees and seating areas.

The home’s outdoor seating areas.CL Properties

Source: Zillow

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