The machine will be the first outdoor public-access defibrillator in Collingwood, though there are other public-access machines indoors in town facilities

An area realtor has donated an automated external defibrillator (AED) to the town for 24/7 public access at Sunset Point Park, it will be the first publicly accessible outdoor unit in Collingwood.

The Town of Collingwood is unveiling the new machine being installed at Sunset Point tomorrow, with thanks to the donor: Peggy Hill Team.

This will be the third SaveStation supported by Peggy Hill Team, as two others have been installed in Orillia and Innisfil’s waterfront parks.

“I am proud to help contribute to the community of Collingwood’s safety and well-being. It is my hope that this AED will provide peace of mind to everyone in the community who knows that every second counts in an emergency,” stated Peggy Hill in a news release issued by the town.

There will be a presentation and ribbon cutting for the new SaveStation outdoor cabinet, which houses an AED, at the Sunset Point Park canteen on Tuesday, May 30 at 4 pm The AED enclosure is designed to keep the machine running and viable in all four seasons so it can be available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

AEDs can help save a life in cases where a person’s heart goes into sudden cardiac arrest with a shockable rhythm (fibrillation or tachycardia). Most AEDs are designed for ease of use by a layperson, and the machine will call out instructions, which will also be listed in writing on the machine, to help someone walk through using the machine in an emergency situation.

CPR can be used in situations where the AED measures no shockable rhythm. In case of an emergency, including an unresponsive person, call 911, in addition to using an AED or CPR.

To learn more about CPR and how an AED works visit:

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