Can Hoa Deny Solar Panels in Texas

HOAs can’t ban the installation of solar panels in Texas. They can, however, place restrictions on which solar energy systems are installed. The Texas Solar Rights Act is a law that protects homeowners from being repressed by their HOA. This legislation protects you from being denied the right to install solar energy systems and highlights any restrictions your HOA may have on them.

A look at some reasons Texas HOAs might refuse a solar panel installation:

  • If the installation of solar panels is illegal or in violation of public safety and health
  • If the solar panel installation is located on common property owned or maintained jointly by the association
  • If solar panels extend beyond the roofline or are not in line with the roof’s slope, they should not be positioned above it
  • Ground-mounted solar energy devices should be installed higher than the fence surrounding them
  • Installing the solar energy device in a manner that violates its warranties will void it
  • If frames, wiring, or piping are made of silver, bronze, or black
  • Solar panels installed without approval from the HOA

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Texas Solar Rights

Texas Solar Rights Act, specifically House Bill 362, prohibits Hoa’s denial of solar panel installation. If your HOA says “No!” to solar panels, they should have good reasons. Although this legislation may protect your right to have solar panels installed on your home’s roof, HOAs still have the power to decide where and how they are installed. You, the homeowner, must still follow the HOA’s procedures to request solar panels.

Can HOAs Prevent Texas Solar Panels?

An HOA cannot prohibit solar panels in Texas. There are rules that you need to adhere to. Talk to your HOA about the guidelines and process to request solar panel installation.

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